Our Schools: You will discover that the public schools in this area are among the best in Pinellas County. There are a number of links on this page which will be useful in your exploration of schooling opportunities, public or private, for your children.

As a general guideline, Pinellas County has both a geographical assignment norm, plus a number of options for alternative assignments based upon skill levels in addition to a lottery opportunity.

Some of this may seem complex, but there are very good sources of guidance, both from the school district itself, Pinellas County Schools or PCS, as well as from the Tampa Bay Times annual School Search special article. Those links are among those provided on this page.

The Process: After your taking the time to review the information provided by both PCS and by the Tampa Bay Times, The School Zone Locator of PCS is a good starting point. For any particular home within Lansbrook, you need only input the address to determine the normal geographical assignment for that home.

The geographical assignments for high school and middle school are the same for all homes within Lansbrook, namely, East Lake High School and Tarpon Springs Middle School, but the elementary school geographical assignments differ depending upon the location of your community. The two elementary schools assigned for Lansbrook are either Brooker Creek Elementary or Cypress Woods Elementary.

One relatively recent addition to options regarding the middle school level is the creation of East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering, which is located on the campus of East Lake High School. It is one of two middle schools in Pinellas County with a focus upon the Gateway to Technology program as a foundation for further STEM learning in high school and beyond. While this is an application school whose entire source area is the northern part of Pinellas County, there are a number of spots allocated for homes within a certain proximity to this school. As you will discover, Lansbrook itself is relatively close to this school.

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